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Vincent van Gogh

100 grams/465 yards
75% superwash wool / 25% polyamide

N O   M I N I M U M S !     O r d e r   b y   t h e   s k e i n !

Stock# 26033
Color# 5430
Schlafzimmer in Arles

 Sold Out! 

Stock# 26034
Color# 5431
Cafe-Terrasse am Abend

 Sold Out! 

Stock# 26035
Color# 5433
Der rote Weingarten in Arles

 Sold Out! 

Stock# 26036
Color# 5435

 Sold Out! 

Stock# 26037
Color# 5437
Das Restaurant de la Sirene in Asnieres

 Sold Out! 

Stock# 26038
Color# 5436
Gauguins Stuhl

 Sold Out! 

Stock# 26039
Color# 5434
Die Brucke von Trinquetaille

 Sold Out! 

Stock# 26040
Color# 5432
Vase mit Sonnenblumen

 Sold Out! 



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