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De Witte Engel Products

We are proud to announce the addition of De Witte Engel products to our line. De Witte Engel designs and makes handcraft materials to sell throughout the world; they work with natural and sustainable materials produced in Europe. Their most popular products include felt fabric (TrueFelt & FrescoFelt), felting wool for dry and wet felting (BhedaWool and WonderWool), Doll Jerseys and Doll Kits. We are very excited to have this line available. Products are in stock and ready to ship for the holidays!

Unicorn Books & Crafts is pleased to announce the distribution of ChiaoGoo needles. We feel this a great compliment to our current list of products.

ChiaoGoo is known for their quality and value and they get rave reviews for their smooth joins, pointy tips and red cables on the Stainless Steel circulars. They are available for wholesale purchase in any quantity (NO MINIMUMS!).

What Does "ChiaoGoo" Mean
and How the Heck Do You Pronounce It?

Chiao (chau) = crafty
Goo (gu) = lady
You are all ChiaoGoos in our book!

Clover Knitting Needles Crochet Hooks and Notions

Knitting Needles, Crochet Hooks, Notions

Unicorn Books & Crafts is pleased to announce the distribution of the Clover knitting, crochet, and notion product line. We feel this is a great compliment to our current list of products. As with all our products, they are available for wholesale purchase in any quantity.

Order Texsolv Polyester Heddles online! [Click here]
Brittany Needles & Hooks
Now Available!
We are pleased to announce we now distribute Brittany Birch Knitting Needles & Crochet Hooks. See them here »
ChiaoGoo Now proudly distributing Fiesta Yarns
Betsy Beads Kits
Online Shopping Now Available!

Stitch Lights Yarn Cozies
 KA Premium Classic Bamboo Knitting Needles & Notions  
KA Classic Bamboo Knitting Needles KA Notions
KA Premium Bamboo Needles KA Bag Handles
KA Knitting Needle Cases KA Bamboo Buttons

KA Classic Premium Bamboo Knitting Needles
KA classic bamboo knitting needles are made from select Japanese bamboo giving them a lightweight and warm feeling. There are more than 500 kinds of bamboos in Japan. KA uses only two kinds of the finest, aged bamboo, which are superior in density, flexibility, color and gloss. With the passing of time and use, KA needles' satin finish becomes even smoother. The proud traditions of quality and craftsmanship established by KA since 1916 ensure the finest Classic Bamboo Knitting needle products for your pleasure. Unicorn offers the widest selection of KA Classic Bamboo Needles, KA Notions, KA Knitting Needles, KA Exchangeable Circular Needles, KA Crochet Hooks, and KA Premium Bamboo Exchangeable Circular Needles.

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